Inmarsat is the only provider of global mobile satellite communications: phone, telex, fax, email and data connections to ships, aircrafts, vehicles. Sending messages to these objects world-wide is possible only via satellite network, the latest information is available at

Inmarsat Customer Care Centre
Tel: +44 171 728 1100
Fax: +44 171 728 1110

To send a message to a ship you must perform following important steps:

1. Get informed about her available communications service. On the main page enter the name of the vessel and get a list of available communication facilities:

- telephone, fax, Internet e-mail,
- telex.

2. View the list the Internet service providers authorized to send your information via this network. If you will pay for sending/receiving messages yourself, you must have an agreement with the provider. Send an application and after it is approved, you can start communications. Or find a company in your area that has arranged such service.

3. A message is charged for each character you send. For the most cost efficient use of communications, the emails are recommended to be short and they must be sent as simple texts. Configure your emailing software to send the simple text, not in HTML format, without any decorations or computer symbols of text formatting.

Visit also for a detailed information about ships, their roots, time-tables, etc.