The webpages search and downloading by email, searching grants, tracking UPS packages, accessing the Microsoft knowledge base, FTP search, reading and posting in Usenet newsgroups, finding email addresses, sending a fax, and many other services can be performed using your mailing software: MS Outlook Express, Eudora, etc. The most comprehensive description of this service is given by Gerald E. Boyd (,, to receive this file send a message to the address:

- users from the USA, Canada and South America:, in the body of the message write only:

send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/access-via-email .

- users from Europe, Asia ..., in the body of the message write only:

get lis-iis\e-access-inet.txt

- on the Web in HTML format at:

Russian readers can download it right now from my site: (27.577 kb).

The mailing robots and correspondent service appear permanently, in ezines following servers are listed most frequently:

To validate the address and obtain a detailed info on the robot operation send a message with the word help  in the body, for a faster response choose the robot nearest to your location.

I use for a search and  for downloading files and never had any problems with them.

Search web by email.

To find information by keywords, e.g. liquid crystals send a message to and in the message body write:


The search will be performed by Google, Lycos, WebCrawler and MetaCrawler, respectively. Agora limits the search information by 500 lines in a message.

Download files by email.

If the exact address of the web page is known, it can be downloaded as an attachment to a message. For example, to obtain this web page by the mailing server send a message with the body


(note the case of the letters).

Another examples of commands to this robot:

  you would like to:


write in the message body:

retrieve the text and tables of the webpage as an attachment

retrieve unmodified webpage as an attachment



retrieve only simple unformatted text from the webpage as an attachment



retrieve the unmodified HTML source in the body of a message


get source

retrieve unmodified webpage as an attachment, splitting it into separate messages with the maximum size of  AAAAAA bytes. The binary files  larger than 300kB and smaller than 6 MB will automatically get split into smaller chunks of 300kB each.


getsize AAAAAA

note: the message body  must contain only one command  getsize  

To combine all retrieved chunks, on the DOS prompt use command:
copy /b file1+file2+file3  new_file_name

Other advanced options, in particular, include: retrieving frames, password-protected pages, links to images on the pages, changing coding MIME, BASE64, UUENCODE, etc. Send help in the message body to to receive complete instructions. This server limits your quota to 300 requests or 10.000 Mbytes per week.

Search a grant

send blank message to   or

The Microsoft knowledge base

To get the index of the Microsoft knowledge base, send a message to with the subject: index .


Tracking UPS packages

To track your UPS packages send a message to  and insert the complete tracking number in the subject line or the body of the message.

Company offers excellent service to retrieve framed pages, only text, stock charts, horoscopes, weather forecasts, etc. Visit their site for details. To retrieve framed pages send a message to, they will be split into multiple messages. If the pages contain graphics, send your request to, if you need only text, the address is The addresses of the requested pages must be shown in the message body or subject line. Large size text files can be split into separate messages by the additional command in the message body:  rsize=xxxx, where xxxx - is the the maximum size file you would like to have returned to you. A very interesting plug-in ProntoLite has web-interface, to receive its latest version, send a blank message to


This short description gives only a scheme of searching webpages and downloading files, but does not duplicate the operation instructions or mentioned sources. To receive complete manuals, visit correspondent sites or send help in the message body to the robot.