Fax via the Internet, based on email to fax, web to fax services and their combinations allows you to send and receive faxes without special utilities, only a standard emailing software and/or Web access are needed.

fax via internet

Email to fax

To fax messages via email to ordinary fax machines world-wide, The Phone Company (TPC.INT) started in June 1993 a "Remote Printing Service". To fax via this network: 1) verify the fax target area via http://www.tpc.int/verify.html or a blank email to tpccover@info.tpc.int. 2) Compose the email message with following address format


recipient_name fax_number

- Use the name of the recipient you wish to have on the coversheet.

- The character '_' is converted to a space

- The character '/' is converted to start a new line

- Do not use long distance and international access codes

- Begin with country code (1=USA, 44=UK, etc)

- Strip out punctuation characters

- Maximum number of digits is 15

The following example is from their page  http://www.tpc.int/faxbyemail.html:


The fax will be sent to the number 495-968-2590 (the first '1' in the fax number is the country code (USA). For the international country codes see  country code list). The coversheet will look like this:

Please deliver to:
Arlington Hewes
Room 403

The fax content follows on separate pages of the fax transmission, the fax delivering (or problems) will be reported by email.

To prepare a fax, you can use a webpage-interface: http://www.tpc.int/sendfax.html as well. The TPC site has multi-language support: http://www.tpc.int/tpc_home.html (English), http://www.tpc.int/tpc_home_gr.html (German), http://www.tpc.int/tpc_home_it.html (Italian) and International mirrors:  http://www.tpc.int/index.html.

Similar service is offered by many companies, e.g.:

ExportAll:   http://www.exportall.net/exportall/fax/fax.htm,

OURFax:   http://www.tpcg.com/free.htm,

ZipFax:   http://www.zipfax.com.

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Web to fax

The TPC network allows only sending fax and the coverage area is "dynamically changed". The web to fax service avoids this inconvenience: you can send messages to ordinary fax machines world-wide and receive faxes from them. The received message is converted to an image and forwarded to your email as the attachment. You can read and print it using a software for graphic processing like Adobe Photoshop, ACDSee, Image Viewing, or a special free utility, provided at registration. The procedure is  simple: register, get your fax number and start sending messages using a webpage interface. For the free service some companies limit the message length or coverage area, for example. For an additional fee the serviceis improved: the fax number in the region you choose, increased length of the messages, etc. Obviously, several accounts can be arranged to minimize the long distance fee for your senders. Following companies offer free registration and both free and commercial services:


myFax MyFax.com - Faxing Simplified. Anytime. Anywhere.





The most comprehensive description of all aspects of this topic with regard to countries and continents, special software to download you can find on the site of Kevin Savetz: http://www.savetz.com/fax, email: savetz@northcoast.com, via email: mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with the message body: send usenet/news.answers/internet-services/fax-faq, or via  ftp://rtfm.mit.edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/internet-services/fax-faq. Visit also http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/73941.html and sites cited therein.

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