ESF grants The European Science Foundation promotes high quality science at a European level  bringing together leading scientists and funding agencies to plan and implement pan-European initiatives.

Mhome001.gifThe aim of the British Council is to create enduring partnerships between British and other cultures, the service is focused on: English language teaching, Education,Arts, literature, design, Science, Governance and society, Information and knowledge management.


grant offers following grants and fellowship programmes in Germany: 10 months grants JAHRESSTIPENDIUM: Vertiefungsstudium, Aufbaustudiengang, Promotion. ERP  for prospective economists, and short term grants: FORSCHUNGSKURZSTIPENDIEN (1-6 months) SEMESTRSTIPENDIEN (5 months)


NATO Science and Society

NATO Science Committee and Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society

Curriculum Resource Center

MAILING ADDRESS:  Curriculum Resource Center (CRC)/Central European University: Nador utca 9, H -1051 Budapest, Hungary; Tel: ++ (36 - 1) 327 3189 or 327 3000; Fax: ++ (36 -1) 327 3190;
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